Scholarship for Hope

How to apply & requirements

Our job at Arctic Physical Therapy is to help improve the lives of others, but truly our patients are the ones that enrich and inspire us on a daily basis. As a thank you to those that we serve, every fall we will be offering an annual “Scholarship for Hope.”

This scholarship will be given to an individual who has overcome enormous challenges and obstacles with grace, courage, and hard work. The recipient must serve as a symbol of hope for those that are faced with adversity, and yet maintain a courageous spirit.

Please submit a written submission of 500 words or less, explaining why the individual you are nominating has been a symbol of hope for our community, in addition to how the scholarship would be used to benefit the individual (i.e. college credits, classes, mobility equipment, etc.) The amount of the scholarship will be determined on an individual basis, taking into consideration the individual’s personal needs. Please include contact information for both the individual being nominated and if applicable the individual making the nomination.

All submissions should be submitted to Arctic Physical Therapy by December 15th, either by email at or in writing to our office at 813 Lower Mill Bay Road. The nominee will be selected and announced by January 4th.